Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Songs by Paul Iorio
Ultimately, this website will feature around 160
songs written, recorded and produced by Paul Iorio.

For now, here're 56 that are streaming for free!
The tracks are:

1. Hey There, Watcher
2. Sittin' Around
3. Something in the Sky
4. Endgame
5. I Was Young (Until Fairly Recently)
6. Susan, Say
7. Life's Just a Single Blast
8. Red Riot
9. Paradox
10. Pray to the Devil
11. Banned Music
12. I Think My Phone is Tapped
13. You Can See It From Space
14. War Suite
15. Kim Jong-il
16. See the Sound
17. Paradox (instrumental)
18. Bailey
19. We're Gonna Win
20. Powder Blue
21. I'd Walk Five Miles For Your Love
22. If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Susannah
23. Back to Jackin' Off
24. Nothing is Something
25. I'm in Love With a Girl I Can't Stand
26. I Shot Osama bin Laden
27. Old-Fashioned Mafia Town
28. If I Were a Beautiful Woman
29. Can You Hear Me, 911?
30. Taliban Virgins
31. (the ever-controversial) Draw Me a Picture
32. The Creationist Anthem
33. The Holy Country Song
34. Scruples
35. I Don't Wanna Pray in School
36. Easin'
37. Sneeze (The Tea Party Anthem)
38. Watching the Charismatic Girls
39. You Only Knew The Caterpillar
40. Aiken Waterfield
41. Republican Women
42. I'm an Unabashed Communist
43. I am the Shark That Ate bin Laden
44. Gone Too Long
45. App for My Love
46. Zip Code of the Moon,
47. (Stop the) Beer Hall Putsch
48. Hey, Mr. DJ
49. 3-D OD
50. Blame It on the Reggae
51. 7even WORDS (you cannot say)
52. European Prep-School Freakout.
53. Love in the Morning Sky.
54. Shoot the Fascist
55. One More Dream
56. They're Building a Mosque in My Mind